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Facials are so much more than an hour of indulgent pampering. They have enormous benefits to the health and wellness of your skin, both in the short and long term. When you consider all of the regular visits you make (dentist, hair salon, gym), you'll realize you really should be focusing some of that time on your skin—even if it's just when seasons change and your skin is at its most vulnerable.

Like other facials, having a back facial is relaxing. It is a way of exfoliating an area that you cannot get to on your own. Both men and women enjoy back facial to combat acne. A back facial is good even if you do not suffer from back acne, it will exfoliate the dead skin and deep moisturize

Skin Truth Facials

  • Skin Truth Soothing Facial  - £40

  • Skin Truth Nourishing Facial - £40

  • Skin Truth Equalising Facial - £40

  • Skin Truth Age Defy Facial - £50

Other Facials

  • Vitamin C Facial - £45

  • Express Facial - £25

  • Back Facial - £38

Prescription Facials

  • Luxury Prescription Facial - £60

  • Mini Prescription Facial - £30


  • Eyebrow Tint £8

  • Eyelash Tint £8

  • Eyebrow and Eyelash Tint £14

  • Eyebrow Wax and Tint £12

  • Eyebrow Wax, Tint and Eyelash Tint £19

Benefits of Facials

  • Exfoliation: Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it is constantly regenerating. But as your body sheds dead skin cells and produces new ones, the dead cells tend to sit on the surface. This can cause clogged pores and other issues. A facial can remove these cells and leave you feeling refreshed.

  • Blemish Control: Facials can reduce the appearance of acne and acne scars, leaving your skin with a smoother appearance. If this is your main concern, be sure to tell your facialist. 

  • Stress Relief: As with massages and other spa treatments, facials are simply relaxing. You get to lean back and let your mind drift as someone else pampers you. And then you can carry this feeling with you as you walk out the door.

  • Anti-Aging: By taking care of your skin, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and other signs of aging. Specific facials can introduce essential nutrients into your skin to keep it feeling young and hydrated.

  • Circulation: When your skin is experiencing proper blood flow, you look more awake and healthy. A facial can stimulate the blood vessels under your skin, creating this glow. By scheduling regular facials, you can sustain this blood flow.


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